Month: June 2017

Broken Hill & Silverton

These dreamy pictures are part of my uni assessment where I created a narrative photo sequence. My first trip to the outback, Broken Hill, and Silverton was very interesting experience. I wanted to create a misty and kind of dreamy, haunting atmosphere which is quite easy because the town itself was very quiet and had a lot of abandoned things.


Film Noir Photo Shooting


My job was to direct the photo shooting with a professional photographer in a studio. Lucky I had a good model who was patient and listened carefully my directing. I chose the lighting to come from the left side to create a dramatic and a bit mysterious Film Noir effect. We took mid shots, close-ups, and long shots. I enjoyed directing a lot, with a good team you can create amazing stuff!

Music I Listened To

A data visualisation about the music genres I listened in 2015-2016. Firs I collected all the data from my Spotify and entered them in to Excel. When the data was ready I created a pie graphic in Illustrator, printed it out and now was time to start hammering! I popped in to a second hand store in Fitzroy and bought an old vinyl with $1. I drew the pie to the vinyl and then broke the vinyl in to pieces. To get a more grungier and handmade look I painted the pieces with acrylic paint with heaps of water so the texture comes out nicely. Hand written keys for the data finalises this DIY look I was after. I love to combine handmade and digital. It brings more depth to the artwork than if it was just made on computer.